The wine of the son of the King of the French

documentary movie directed by Lidia Rizzo

Film excerpts

Posted by on Mag 6, 2013

Film excerpts from “Zucco. The wine of the son of the King of the French”
a documentary film by Lidia Rizzo

French Première
20th Œnovideo Grape and Wine Film Festival
30 Mai 2013. Hôtel de la Cité – Carcassonne

U.S. Premiére
16th Sonoma International Film Festival
April 11th 2013 h. 3:15 pm – April 14th h.12:00 pm at Vintage House – Sonoma

World Premiére in Venice
Collateral Event of 13th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia
September 5th 2012 ore 8:30 pm



  1. I found the beautiful estate Lo Zucco when I was using Google satellite maps, and thought what a splendid estate! On further research I found your film clip of,

    “Lo Zucco the wine of the son of the king of the french”! Fabulous!

    I wish to purchase the full length documentary but I am having difficulty finding where to buy it. Please send me information, if purchase is still available.


    Jennifer Solis

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